Grease Trap Cleaning

Prompt grease trap cleaning and waste disposal for commercial facilities

If your commercial premises is involved in cooking, preparing or selling food you are required to install and maintain a grease trap.

Grease traps collect and prevent fats and oils from entering the main system. To ensure grease doesn’t build up and cause a blockage – which can then lead to foul smells, bacteria and the attraction of vermin – your grease trap needs to be cleaned regularly.

WasteCo has years of experience in liquid waste disposal and works with many different types of industrial and commercial sectors. These include restaurants, bars, cafes, fast food outlets, supermarkets, bakeries, butcheries, hotels, hospitals, function and event providers and education providers.

Let our experienced team maintain your grease traps so they are hygienically clean and functioning optimally. Contact the South Island’s leading liquid waste management team today.

Do you own a commercial kitchen? Five trade waste requirements for grease traps that you must meet

As an owner/operator of a commercial business that is wholly or partly involved in the cooking, preparation or sales of food there are specific trade waste requirements that must be met.

  • The installation of a grease trap must be considered at the time that consents for foundations and similar groundwork are being approved.
  • Trade waste sampling points and method of flow measurement is to be agreed to with Christchurch City Council.
  • All discharges to the sewer must be registered with the Christchurch City Council.
  • It is the owner/operator’s responsibility to ensure no fat, oil or grease is discharged into the sewer.
  • To prevent solids from entering the sewer, a catch basket must be installed.

Key questions about grease trap cleaning

How often should my grease trap be cleaned? 

In general grease traps should be cleaned every three months. However if you run a busy premises they may need cleaning more often.

Are checks made to ensure my grease trap is clean?

Yes. Your local council will check how often the trap is cleaned as part of their environmental health checks on your premises.

Do you offer a schedule for grease trap cleaning? 

Yes. To make certain you fulfil your obligations, and don’t fall behind, Mainland Liquid Waste can arrange a regular grease trap cleaning maintenance schedule.

Can you issue a destruction notice? 

Certainly. WasteCo removes all grease within our truck and then safely disposed of. This action is tracked via a form. We can provide you with a destruction notice if you require it for your audit trail.

As well as grease trap cleaning, WasteCo can also dispose of other hazardous liquid waste including expired wine, thinners, sprays and other toxic chemicals. Please note that a sample will be required for testing before a quote can be completed. Contact us to make an appointment.

WasteCo has been safely disposing of hazardous liquid waste for years.

  • Safe removal and disposal of hazardous liquid
  • Expert service for farming and industry
  • Cesspit and storm drain cleaning to prevent flooding

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