Liquid Waste Management

Professional and safe hazardous liquid waste management and disposal across Canterbury

WasteCo provides expert hazardous liquid waste disposal to a range of industries across Canterbury.

Our services include disposal of wastewater that contains chemicals such as that from commercial car washes and vehicle wash bays and hazardous liquid from factories. 

As part of our commitment to safe liquid waste disposal, we adhere to the Liquid and Hazardous Waste Code and all waste is disposed of at an approved and carefully monitored site.

Cesspit and storm drain cleaning to reduce flooding and hazards

If stormwater and wastewater systems aren’t properly maintained then the risk of flooding increases which in turn can lead to other problems for your premises and the local environment. WasteCo deals with a range of drainage issues including:

  • Cesspit drainage – To avoid cesspits from flooding, WasteCo can unblock them using a vacuum loader. This way any silt, debris, rubbish or leaves can be efficiently sucked out.
  • Soak hole drainage – Soak holes are prevalent where there are few or no standard stormwater lines available. Although they are designed to disperse stormwater and excess rainwater from a cesspit they can be defective due to an excessive build-up of silt. WasteCo can solve this problem for you.
  • Stormwater cleaning and drainage – Does your carpark, factory or airfield suffer from flooding? During heavy rain cesspits and interceptors can become blocked and overflow. Let WasteCo prevent water from backing up your drainage system.

Cowshed sump cleaning for hygienic and efficient farms

The sumps connected to the cowsheds on your dairy farm will need clearing from time to time to prevent blockages and other problems. WasteCo can do the job for you keeping your cowsheds clean and functioning properly with regular sump cleaning and remove effluent as required.

If your farm or lifestyle block runs on a septic tank system, you should also talk to us about regular septic tank cleaning and pumping to make sure your system doesn’t fail.

To book liquid waste management for your farm or any commercial business, contact WasteCo today.

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