Hydro Air Excavation

Wasteco NZ Ltd air excavation

Wasteco NZ Ltd provide safe clean hydro vacuum excavation that keeps expensive infrastructure  in place and intact. Hydro vacuum excavation is ideal for sites that have a large quantity of underground pipes, cables and infrastructure that can easily be damaged by traditional excavation.

Wasteco NZ Ltd provide specialist equipment and experienced operators. Hydro vacuum excavation uses  non-mechanical processes to break up soil with pressurised Air and Water. Industrial vacuum simultaneously collects the water / soil mix and conveys it to an environmentally safe slurry collection tank.

Wasteco NZ Ltd air excavation is a quick, safe, non destructive and cost effective way to find and expose underground utilities.

Wasteco NZ Ltd uses specialist air excavation equipment to break up soil and debris with high powered air. The soil is then vacuumed into an environmentally safe holding tank. Air excavation provides greater benefits than Hydro Vacuum.

  • Speed – air digs quicker than almost any other method
  • The air used will not damage utilities as water can
  • Air is environmentally safe
  • Fast dry clean up and disposal

The result is completely exposed utilities without the risk of damaging other berried infrastructure like power lines, pipes or other naturally occurring items like tree roots.

Wasteco NZ Ltd Air Ecavation Uses and benefits

  • To understand and inspect or repair the condition, type, diameter, and depth of buried utilities.
  • Identifying and resolving potential conflicts during the design and planning phases of construction and building
  • Removes the hand digging process
  • Saves time and labor and is particularly suited for utilities that are deep underground or in a tight spot.
  • Clearing bore holes